Operations Leadership Seminars

WTSI has been providing customized Leadership and Technical Training Seminars to Operations On-shift Supervision and Management for 10 years.  Our staff reviews the facilities current challenges and develops a program to address the gaps.  Seminars have addressed shortfalls in Command and Control, Teamwork, Critiquing Performance, and developing the ability to recognize and address employees’ inconsistent use of error reduction tools.  Seminars are conducted as standalone programs or can be integrated with Licensed Operator Requalification Training.  WTSI will develop members of your staff to facilitate future seminars and eliminate reliance on outside resources.


Seminar feedback:

Seminar developed skills that can be brought back and used on shift

Seminar content was provided with an excellent mix of classroom and simulator exercises to reinforce concepts and develop students

I have improved my ability to coach and correct teammates in a constructive way

I appreciate the development as a leader that this seminar provided

This was the most intense HU standards adherence training I have ever seen.  This was excellent.