Simulator Instructor Training

WTSI designs, develops and implements Advanced Simulator Instructor training.  The Western Technical Advanced Simulator Instructor Courses builds on your staffs existing strengths and identifies and resolves individual instructor weaknesses resulting in an instructional team that can effectively design and execute simulator training for Operating Crews.


The training is designed based on the unique needs of each facility with the desired outcome of improving the training staffs’ ability to improve operator performance.  The course is customized for each client to ensure individual station needs are addressed.  Seminars have included simulator training scenario design and preparation, application of coaching/correction on-the-spot, managing the outcome of simulator training, instructor consistency in the reinforcement of Operations Expectations, modeling expected behaviors and critiquing performance.  Our staff will observe your instructors, identify strengths and weaknesses, develop and deliver the advanced course and provide one on one coaching during the development and implementation of the next training cycle for Operating Crews.  This model has proven successful to our clients and will result in a step change in the execution of your simulator training sessions.


Training feedback:

Great job enforcing and utilizing on-the-spot coaching and correction

Excellent content which was universally applied to all situations and scenarios in the simulator

Well organized and structured method of presenting simulator training

I learned new techniques after 25 years of training in the simulator