VISION Support

WTSI staff has been involved with VISION and Focus Learning since 2005. Our staff has designed and developed training programs from the ”ground up”. WTSI can provide the following VISION support function:

  • Perform complete training program design and analysis and place in a custom VISION database.
  • Complete VISION construction including links from the Analysis hierarchy through to the program hierarchy.
  • Construct and link test items.
  • Full cross-references/links to NUREGs and ACADs as needed.
  • Create custom procedures and forms for VISION users and/or administrators.
  • Create custom training lesson plans and Power Point presentations for VISION users and/or administrators.
  • Train your staff on all aspects of VISION from hierarchy layout to how to implement a training program.
  • Deliver custom written report scripts to support the use on training content contained in your VISION project.