Examination Development Training


Comprehensive training provided for each function or job responsibility related to development, preparation, review, validation, and administration of NRC and Audit Examinations, as well as training for program personnel in the development of assessment tools that will prepare applicants and predict success of applicants on Audit and NRC examinations.


The training is developed based upon the experience of developing over 100 NRC and Audit examinations, as well as knowledge of root cause evaluations, lessons learned, and good practices from each of the four regions of NRC influence.


WTSI has evaluated tasks performed by, and developed learning objectives for each of the following examination project team members:

  • Project Sponsors
  • Project Managers/Training Supervisors/Operations Supervisors and Managers
  • Examination material developers
  • Technical reviewers
  • Validation personnel

Additionally, checklists and guidelines are provided for each pertinent task in the exam development process. These guidelines are suitable for use in actual exam development, and are referenced to appropriate learning objectives for quick-reference.

NUREG 1021 is used as the standard against which materials are evaluated. However, the training is not a rehash of the NUREG, and NUREG wording is not cut and pasted into the training.  Appropriate links are provided; the training demonstrates successful practices that have consistently been determined to meet NRC standards, and provides insight into practices and deliverables that lead to problems and the best practices to avoid these problems.

>The training is best provided to personnel with access to complete reference libraries for their individual sites. Approximately 80% of the time spent in the training will be performing the tasks required of each training module, with on-the-spot coaching from a qualified instructor in order to achieve success and meet program objectives.  For written test item development training, this approach results in a significant amount of validation-ready examination material.  
Templates and examples are provided for both BWR and PWR applications.

>This training may be provided to qualify individuals to perform specific functions of the examination development and administration process, as well as provide a strong baseline for industry consistency based upon empirical data and observations of over 14 years and over 100 examinations worth of experience.
Documentation is updated as required to reflect current industry practices