Western Technical Services, Inc. is pleased to announce the availability of our written exam generation software.


  • Capability of random or manual NRC RO and SRO outline and topic generation
  • Password security
  • The industry’s only data logging feature that allows verification of methods used to generate outlines AND select or modify test items
  • Pre-suppression of topics at system/EPE or topic level
  • Report output to either MS WORD of ADOBE PDF
  • Ability to select, modify or develop test items directly to topics in NUREG 1021 format
  • Ability to manually or randomly select test items that match KA topics provided by outline
  • Ability of more than 1 employee to collaborate on an examination
  • Ability to develop program examinations without the use of an outline
  • Ability to transfer data from facility exam banks
  • Ability to search thousands of test items already provided for in the exam bank. Each test item is fully pedigreed from previous NRC examinations across all 4 regions and developed by numerous personnel with different writing styles. Current searches on randomly generated Westinghouse examination outlines are yielding 70% to 85% exact KA match.
  • Ability to modify bank items and save as modified items. All bank and modified items selected are automatically populated to the exam when selected.  All fields are filled in for easy editing.
  • Ability to provide security beyond that required by NUREG 1021. All active examinations are maintained in separate databases so that none of the work performed on an exam can be seen by others with access to the exam bank. 
  • Reports include each of the templates provided in ES-401, and also include KA catalogue printouts with or without suppression, exams, answer keys, and exam development worksheets.  The software automatically calculates Form ES-401-6 exam attributes and prints to either MS WORD or ADOBE PDF.