Examination Development

Western Technical Services, Inc. provides the nuclear industry with examination development that is unmatched in service, quality, consistency, and cost.

We provide top to bottom full service examination project development. Our service is tailored to the individual needs of each of our clients.

Since 1998, we are the nuclear industry’s leading provider of contract examination development, assessment, and administration services.  We have successfully executed more NRC and/or Audit Examination projects than ALL OTHER VENDORS combined. Nearly 1000 RO and SRO licenses have been issued from exams developed by WTSI.


We work as a partner to our clients in developing and implementing project schedules that are realistic and manageable. Our process allows the client to predict and manage their own resource commitment to technical review and validation priorities vital to successful exam development. Clients reduce resource commitment to an exam project by approximately 80% below a facility-developed exam, with the added assurance of consistent, predictable quality and results.  We support your project right up to the date of exam administration.


Our experienced professionals have exam development experience in each of the four NRC regions. Our work process is designed so that your examination meets all applicable facility and NRC standards, and your facility representatives are involved during every step of the process. We are confident that the client will be proud to own the finished product, and we strive to consistently display personal pride and ownership in our own work.   


The experience gained through our development efforts has yielded an unmatched record of consistency in NRC examination development, review simplicity, and candidate success. Our process for developing facility audit exams is designed to provide the client with a high confidence in predicting the likelihood of individual candidate success on the NRC exam.


We offer the personalized service of experienced professionals onevery project at a very competitive fixed cost. We support your examination project through the entire review process, even after you have accepted your examination for NRC submittal. We will make all required changes or modifications to your examinationeven after NRC review.


The professionals of Western Technical Services, Inc. have all been SRO licensed and/or certified on Westinghouse, Combustion Engineering, Babcock & Wilcox, and General Electric reactors.  Each of our experts has over 20 years of experience in Operations and Training.  Our exam development processes are directed by our own training, procedures and policies, with best industry practices and lessons learned incorporated on an ongoing basis. Each of our examination projects is staffed by a minimum of two qualified staff members.

Other Services

Western Technical Services, Inc. is now offering formal training on exam development processes for new instructors as well as advanced training in a workshop format for facility employees designated as NRC exam writers. This is training originally developed for our own employees, and being offered to our clients by demand.

The training is designed to provide exam development professionals the tools to develop examinations with consistently superior quality, technical content, and scope, in a significantly shorter time frame than currently experienced in our industry. We offer the experience of over 100 NRC and Audit examinations, across all 4 NRC regions and all 4 plant designs.

We share our techniques for creating every type and category of test item required by NRC exams, shortcuts for development of test items, mistakes to avoid, and downstream support for questions and issues that emerge for any individual. Our exam bank may also be available for use on a limited basis.

We provide each exam developer with criteria that will promote consistency for development and review of written exams, including long misunderstood applications of NUREG 1021 requirements and guidelines.

From planning, managing, and executing exam projects to working with outside contractors and NRC Examiners, Western Technical Services, Inc. is uniquely qualified to provide our clients with the most professional and cost effective examination support available in the nuclear industry